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So I have some exciting news, I'm branching out, there's a point where a girl needs to spread her wings. I'm setting up an agency, no silly not a travel agency, an escort agency.

Now this is page really for ladies to read, but my gentlemen should also finish the page as it will tell them that this will be an agency with a difference. 

I'm not looking to poach girls from other agencies, I want to be different. I'm interested in talking to different girls; girls new to escorting, girls with day jobs looking for extra spending power, students who want a leg up, and perhaps girls looking for the thrill.. and escorting can be a thrill.

Appointments will be a little longer, the ladies a little more exclusive and my ladies will keep more of their income.

This will be a true female friendly agency, run by a lady who knows that escorting can be fun.... and scary. Someone who makes sure the ladies are comfortable and content, because a relaxed lady makes sure a gentleman is happy too. 


So ladies, if you'd like to chat about opportunities in escorting and joining this new agency - call me. My regular gentlemen should also watch this space because if you've enjoyed your time with me..there's more to come, and if you know a girl who might be interested in joining this agency, perhaps you could point her towards me x.